Sanjay Soni | Untitled

Sanjay Soni

Title: Untitled

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 12 x 12 Inches

The painting depicts a Monk meditating in front of a sculpture.


(b. 1971, Delhi)

Sanjay Soni, a self-taught artist from Delhi, disperses his intuitions, thoughts, and notions through his sublime and realistic paintings. His works have an astounding capacity to captivate the viewer and take him into the depth of tranquillity and composure. His motivation is solidly established in the Indian legacy and culture.

Over three decades, Soni devoted himself to art and have carved his name into the list of admired artists making his own artistic dialect. “Art is meditation for me, and I meditate daily” the artist quoted.

Soni initiated by painting Rajasthani folk, landscapes, and Khajuraho spaces, in 2005, he gave a shift to his concepts and started depicting monks, Buddha, and divine sculptures. His philosophy of adding calmness to the paintings drives the spectator into a relaxed aura.