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The Lexicon Art Show 13 May 2012 to 15 May 2012
The Lexicon Art Show Aug 20, 2012
3rd Edition of The Lexicon Art Show Mar 11, 2013
The Lexicon Art Show Oct 22, 2013
5th Edition of the Lexicon Art Show Sep 23, 2014
The Transcend, Lexicon Art Show 2019
Covid 19 Charity Art Sale
His Glory & His Monuments                                                                      Show From – 12th March to 12th April 2022                                             Download Catalogue
Telling a Story- Beyond Painting as Contemporary                               Show From – 27th April to 3rd June 2022                                                  Download Catalogue
The Art From Heart 2.0 A Charity Show                                                   Show From – 3rd Sep to 7th Oct 2022                                                        Download Catalogue
Allegory of Space                                                                                      Show From – 19th Nov to 19th Dec 2022                                                    Download Catalogue
      Celebrations Of Creative Brilliance                                                         Show From- 1st March to 31th March 2023                                                 Download Catalogue

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