About the art in the Lexicon Reserve (TLR) ☞

The Lexicon reserve is a collection of paintings, which have been presented by the artists to the Lexicon collection. They have been acquired by the Lexicon collection over a period of 10 years. Some of the well known contemporary artists like Bisan Paul, Vijender Sharma, R K Yadav, M K Puri, Nand Katyal etc have contributed to it.The list does not end here, we are blessed with many more high caliber artists.

These painting are on display at www.thelexiconart.com but are presently not for sale. They remain with the collection as a celebration of the contemporary art and to present a view of the Indian urban landscape. All these paintings are a personal pick of Divesh Nath, the creator of the collection.

As of June 2011, there are 460 paintings and 20 sculptures which form the Lexicon reserve. All the art that you see on the site with a marking TLR, are from this group.

About Us ☞

The concept of The Lexicon Collection started 10 years back. Its was recognized that the upcoming and the contemporary artists needed publicity. Their interviews and the paintings were published in Woman’s era magazine and their works became a part of the Lexicon collection. The artists have profited from this publicity since the opportunity and coverage provided their personal contacts. This concept is still running in the magazine.

In January 2011, The Lexicon Collection published its first volume call the ‘101 contemporary Indian artists’ which was a coffee table book, priced at Rs 1000. It was a sellout with all the galleries and the artists. The book showcased the works of 101 artists and carried extended interviews and essays on their art and life. The book can be seen online at www.thelexiconcollection.com. Do have a look and leave a comment on its www.facebook.com link.

http://www.facebook.com/thelexiconart http://apps.facebook.com/thelexiconart http://www.facebook.com/pages/thelexiconartcom/266937946667450

About Mamta Nath ☞

Mamta Nath has interest in art and sculptor, which brings her closer to the artists and painters. She has been deeply involved in choosing the artwork for the Lexicon reserve for many years now. Mamta is also behind the exhibitions and the series of shows. Mamta and Divesh Nath together have brought up the concept of the Lexicon Reserve and the Lexicon Collection. The idea behind it is not just to showcase the art by renowned and established masters, but to bring to forefront the emerging artists and the tomorrow’s masters. You can get in touch with her at mamta.nath@thelexiconart.com

About Divesh Nath ☞

Divesh Nath is the person behind many ventures. He is the Managing editor and Publishing director of Delhi Press Magazines, especially Woman’s era and Alive. Delhi Press was founded by his grandfather Vishwanath (1917-2002), who was one of the greatest editor and publisher in India.

Divesh Nath founded Masscomedia, in 2007, which is a mass communications company imparting media education. It also produces programs for various TV channels. Please see www.masscomedia.com and www.masscomedia.tv for the details on this company.

Since he comes from a family which runs one of the largest printing presses, he heads a company called Pramod Egineering, which manufactures high speed printing and binding machines, since 2004. Pramod Engineering was founded and established by his father Naresh Nath (1944-2008), who was also the Managing Director of Delhi Press.

Besides this he created the Lexicon Collection in February 2011.

Divesh Nath is qualified Chartered Accountant, (CA) 1996. He is an alumini of the Modern school Barakhamba Road. He graduated in BCom (H) from Hans Raj college, Delhi University. Become friends with Divesh Nath at www.facebook.com

Why the Lexicon collection and about IT ☞

The Lexicon Collection is a repertoire of art. Its genesis lies in the fact that art needs to be broad-based, deceptive and displays the various colors of our civilization.

The Lexicon Collection’s objective is to become a repository of different art forms from all over the world and it just so happens that it has, just by chance, begun from India.

It’s a continuing exercise into the collection of good art, which has a recognizable message and represents hues of our civilization.

One day, the collection may travel to places all over the planet and make a visual impact in the minds of connoisseur and others. The collection is not about the deprivation of human beings and other negative aspects of human life. It celebrates life.

Hence, the colors of the canvases, poses of the sculptures and the other art forms are lively. It by no means that the collection does not recognize the other side of life, but in contrast- it showcases, what happens when the clouds pass over.

The Lexicon Collection welcomes you to a showcase in its first printed edition and hopefully that this will be, the first, in the series of many more.